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Liquid Mirror Chrome Markers - 3 Colors

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  • Ideal for Resin Crafts 2-5mm Chrome Marker: Compared with ordinary paint markers, LET'S RESIN chrome markers are insoluble in epoxy resin. Perfect for use on resin art and other smooth surfaces. The resin supplies come in 3 color markers(gold, silver, and copper)with a writing width of 2-5mm, providing thicker, more precise coverage and control. Suitable for stroking, painting, and coloring.
  • Wide Application: Mirror chrome markers can show high-gloss metal reflective effects on a variety of materials. It is very suitable for use with LET'S RESIN epoxy resin and resin molds for resin coloring, coaster strokes, domino coloring, writing, painting, etc. If you want a better preservation effect, you can cover it with resin after completion. It can also be used on models, stones, wheel rims, metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, car parts, shoes, and other smooth and non-absorbent surfaces.
  • Mirror Effect & Long-Lasting Ink: The markers are formulated with a unique ink that is highly pigmented, premium high gloss liquid chrome and is highly opaque. It has good anti-ultraviolet ability, strong coverage, and has an amazing mirror effect, which keeps high gloss and brightness for a long time, showing the effect like a mirror. After the ink is dried, it has good water resistance and stability, and the highlight is not easy to fade.
  • Smooth Writing: This liquid chrome marker adopts an innovative valve design, the fluidity of ink is improved, there will be no pause or leakage, and it has a better gloss and mirror effect on a smooth and non-absorbent surface. Before use ①Shake the pen holder up and down to mix the ink evenly ②Press the pen tip upward for 3-4s to release the air in the pen tube.③Do not press hard to paint, wait for about 2-3s after the paint self-leveling will show a mirror effect.
  • Using Tips: ①It takes about 1 hour to dry on the surface of the fully cured glue, and about 12 hours for the rest of the large area to dry naturally. Do not touch it, otherwise, it will leave a mark. ②If you want to get the best mirror effect, clean the surface of the workpiece before use. The smoother the surface of the workpiece, the better the mirror effect.
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